How to build your own Google Play store for Android

By Mark McCaughanPublished May 15, 2016 09:42:57With Google’s Android app launching in a big way on Thursday, there’s been a lot of chatter about how to build a web-based store for the platform.

While this article will not go into detail, we’re hoping it helps others get started with building a custom app for the Android platform.

The basics of building a Google Play Store are very similar to how you would build a custom Android app for iOS, with some differences in that it can be a single app or a set of apps.

The first step is to create a directory on your Google Play Console, and then create an index.index.js file in that directory.

If you’re building a simple index.js app, the simplest way to do this is to use the index.html file in the app directory.

You’ll need a file extension that matches your application name, so open index.php on your computer to get started.

Inside of, you’ll find a function that takes a directory, the index name, and a callback function to run.

The first thing you want to do is to check to see if the index file is valid.

If it is, you can execute the callback function in your index.txt file.

If it isn’t, you have to modify the index so that it matches your app name.

You can do this by adding a file to your index called index.json , which is the JSON-encoded JSON of the index index.

You also need to set the JSON value of your index in your app.json file.

You could use index.css for the stylesheets, or index.ttf for the images.

The function looks for files in your directory that start with the .index.key or .index .

These files will be stored in a special directory called index-name.json .

If there aren’t any files in that file, then the index function will fail.

If there are any, then you can set up a path to the index and check if the app is valid with the app.path property.

Once you have the app path, you should add the path to your application’s file and add the index’s indexPath property to it.

Finally, you’re ready to set up your application.

The last step is for the app to have an entry point in your application directory.

This is done by setting the indexPath to the directory you’ve added to your app’s index path.

Finally you can create a view for the index by opening , which contains the code that will show the index, and you can run

This will generate a JavaScript file that you can add to your site using the index_script tag.

If all went well, the browser will load the index page.

If you need help with building your app, check out our Getting Started guide for more tips on building your own app.

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