‘Pulse-Powered’ technology for the heart could be the next generation of cardiac devices

In a move that could revolutionize the way doctors work, researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a pulse-pumped device that can detect blood oxygen levels in the body.

The device could revolutionise the way medical professionals use heart monitors and other devices in hospitals and clinics.

Lead researcher Dr Chris O’Brien, from the department of electrical and computer engineering, said: “The current heartbeat monitor has to be constantly calibrated and there’s no way for people to accurately detect the blood oxygen level.”

This device can measure oxygen levels and accurately measure the heart beat without having to take the blood pressure readings.

“It also uses a computer-controlled algorithm to work out the oxygen level in real time and is capable of detecting blood oxygen by monitoring the heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow and the electrical activity of the heart.”

This new device, which is made from silicon and consists of an electrocardiogram sensor and a pulse generator, can measure blood oxygen in real-time, allowing for accurate measurements of heart rates, heart beat rate and oxygen levels.

“Dr O’Connor said the device is not designed to monitor blood flow, but instead uses the electrical signals of the heartbeat to detect blood flow.”

The pulse generator in the device measures the pulse wave as it travels through the body, which gives a reading of blood flow,” he said.”

Then it uses a software algorithm to calculate the oxygen levels that are in the blood.

“So, if you have a person who is on a ventilator, and they have the pulse generator measuring their oxygen levels, they can use that to predict the oxygen flow in the heart, which will give them a better understanding of the patient’s condition.”

The team of researchers are now working to build the device into an implantable device that would allow the user to use the device as an accurate test of their blood pressure and heart rate.

“We’re now in the process of building the implantable unit,” Dr O’Neil said.

“This is the next step in the development of a pulse pump that is not only a better indicator of blood pressure but also the ability to monitor the heart as well.”

It’s a big leap forward in technology, but it’s also the next logical step in understanding the heart and how it works.

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