Samsung and Apple’s mobile hardware partners unveil new mobile hardware partnership agreement

Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. have announced a new mobile software development agreement that will see Samsung and the Apple App Store provide each other with free access to their software for two years.

The deal is set to be announced in October, according to a statement by the companies on Wednesday.

The deal will see the two companies provide each another with free mobile app downloads for two consecutive years, with the first two months of each of the two deals being free.

Apple has been a dominant force in the mobile app space, with iOS and OS X apps dominating the charts for the past few years, but Samsung has been steadily expanding its presence in the space, launching new platforms and adding new features.

This deal with Samsung will allow it to expand its presence with Android and iOS software developers, according the statement.

“We’re excited to partner with Samsung on our next generation mobile platform,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

“This new agreement with Samsung is a major step forward for the mobile industry and gives us the flexibility to bring more powerful mobile experiences to the platform.”

The new agreement will also allow Samsung to use its SDK to develop its own apps for Android and Apple devices.

The agreement will be in line with Samsung’s goals to be more of a partner with developers, and will give it a platform that can be easily shared with other partners.

The company also says it will provide its platform to developers who have their own apps that are available for free on the App Store.

The agreement comes as Samsung continues to make moves in the market, as it has announced a slate of new devices and features, including its new Gear smartwatch, as well as new wearable products and accessories.

Samsung also announced that it will be adding 3G data to its phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Samsung and Apple have been in talks about a possible merger for years, and this is the first time the companies have reached out to each other.

Apple announced earlier this year that it would acquire a minority stake in Samsung, a move that was announced before Samsung was sold to Apple in January 2018.

Samsung Electronics Co. said in a statement on Wednesday that it was delighted to work with Apple to bring new opportunities to both of our companies.

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