Software developer says no money will be given to him after $300,000 payout

Posted November 20, 2018 06:14:59 Software developer Ryan Smith says he received $300 million in compensation for his work on the software application he developed.

Smith says the payout has left him feeling bitter and depressed.

Smith, who also works as an software developer, said he received a letter from the provincial government last week asking him to explain why he was not receiving any money from his company.

Smith said he was told by the province that it is part of the compensation plan for the employees who worked on his software, which has been in the works for about six years.

Smith’s wife, Trish, also received a $300-million payout for her work on a similar software application.

Smith has filed an appeal with the provincial Human Rights Tribunal.

Smith had hoped to receive a $1.5 million payout for his software in 2015 but said that did not happen.

The Human Rights Code states compensation can be paid to a person who is entitled to a settlement for a personal injury.

“It’s a bit of a joke.

I’m not even talking about a small amount,” said Smith.

Smith filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission of Canada about his situation, but was told he was under a contract with the province.

He said the compensation he received was too small for what he had to do.

Smith is also seeking the compensation of his wife, who worked as a software developer on his work, as well as other employees who helped with his software.

Smith was asked to explain his decision not to receive the compensation, but said he is just not sure what the answer is.

He did say that he did receive some money from the province, which is why he felt upset.

He also said he had not received a check from the government in about six months.

Smith wrote in an email that he had received no written communication from the department asking him why he had been not receiving compensation.

“I have been trying to get answers and have not received any responses to my emails, but have received an email from the HR department that has not been answered at all,” he said.

“My only hope is that the minister who appointed the director, is looking at my case, and seeing if he can get some answers and that he will look into this issue,” he wrote.

The province is responsible for administering compensation to those who work on government contracts.

It was not immediately clear if the province had sent a response to Smith’s appeal.

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