The 10 worst memes you can find on the web, with an explanation

“What’s worse, the people posting them, or the people commenting on them?” asks Alex Chilton, a social psychologist and writer for BuzzFeed News.

That’s a question Chilton’s researchers posed to Facebook and Google, two of the largest platforms for sharing memes, in an attempt to answer it.

He’s written a book about the topic, “Meme Nation: A Meme 101 Guide to the Greatest Memes on the Internet.”

Here’s how he laid out the data.


The people posting memes are mostly terrible, and most of them have very little to do with the actual content of the meme.

They are usually memes that are poorly crafted, poorly edited, or not at all funny.

Most memes are “self-inserts,” or self-contained pieces of content that can be shared to create a viral video, a meme that has a big audience but no direct connection to the original creator.

This is particularly true of the so-called “selfies” — photos taken of themselves or other people, usually without their permission.

A selfie may seem harmless, but when it’s taken in a public space, it becomes a source of public humiliation and humiliation for the photographer.

The same goes for memes that appear on sites that are part of a viral culture.

They can be memes that contain “selfie” images, like a photo of a friend smiling in a mirror, or memes that use the photo to create viral videos, like the ones from a series of YouTube videos of people walking through their neighborhood.

“These are often very specific memes that were created by a specific person to promote their own brand,” Chilton says.

In some cases, the memes are so poorly constructed that they’re just plain stupid, or they’re memes that don’t even fit the meme template at all.

But many of these memes are actually funny.

So why are they so bad?


The most common meme type on Facebook and YouTube is one that has no direct link to the creator, which means the creators probably won’t even know the person whose name is in the meme until after they post it.

This meme type is known as a “flip-flop,” because its creator has changed it to a different version and then posted it again, which is a repeat of the process.

“Flips-flops are the most common type of meme in general, because they’re very popular on social media platforms,” Ch Milton says.

This type of flop has a name: The Flop.

The Flops are often used by people who want to “make their mark” by sharing an image or video that has already been shared many times, which makes it very difficult to find out who posted it.

Sometimes they’re even used by marketers who want their products to be more popular than they actually are, because their fans are willing to share the image or clip for free.

This kind of meme is often used to mock or humiliate the original poster.


Some memes are created with a very specific intention, which could be an act of vandalism or hate speech.

This has been the case with a lot of viral videos.

One of Chilton and his colleagues analyzed hundreds of videos from YouTube that contained hate speech, which included images of people or objects that were clearly racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise hurtful.

“We saw a huge amount of videos with hate speech that were edited out,” Ch Julian says.

“And that is just a very rare kind of video.”

The video had to have been created by someone who had a clear and clear intent to make fun of the target, and the intent was to offend the target.

A few of the most famous examples of this type of video are the ones created by the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer.

Ch Milton and his team found that more than 70 percent of the videos on YouTube that featured hate speech contained a clear reference to someone who was a victim of violence.

“That’s really, really important, because the reason the video is on YouTube is that the video creators are trying to make their mark on the community,” Chian says.


Some viral videos are simply bad, but some viral videos have no direct relevance to the content of those memes.

This often means that the meme creator is trying to shock the viewer with something that’s not directly related to the meme at all, which isn’t really surprising if you’re not a fan of the original creators or are just looking for a way to make a buck.

But sometimes, viral videos can actually have a direct connection with the original source of the memes.

Ch Julian explains that the most infamous viral video is the viral clip of a woman named “Maddie” (who was also known as “Crazy Mandy”) on her YouTube channel.

The video is very similar to a viral clip that’s already been posted in the YouTube community, but it’s also a parody of a popular meme, which made the video viral.

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