Waterfall Software developer major to join BC tech scene

A software developer and major in the BC tech industry is set to join the waterfall company as a senior software developer.

Jérôme Duquette, a Montreal native, has been working at Waterfall for four years, and is now the company’s vice president of technology.

He will move to Vancouver to become a senior technology engineer and help Waterfall move beyond its current Toronto-based role to grow in Vancouver.

Duquettes role will also include helping Waterfall grow and expand its Toronto-area team.

The Waterfall company has more than 800 employees worldwide.

In addition to its software development role, Duquettes work will also involve helping Waterfalls customers develop cloud-based apps, which the company says will increase the customer base and give customers the best possible experience when shopping online.

Waterfall was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Its products include cloud-driven video game streaming, video conferencing and social networking.

It also makes software for mobile devices, including the Google Play store and iOS and Android.

Waterfall has already secured a few big deals with major tech companies.

In January, the company signed a multiyear licensing deal with Adobe Systems Inc., the parent company of Adobe Flash, which it said is “the most widely adopted free software in the world.”

Duquées software company also has a deal with Microsoft Corp. to create a free, open-source video game called The Bridge.

That deal has since been signed, as well.

Duquette says the Waterfall deal with the Adobe deal will help the company scale and improve its product portfolio, which includes video-streaming applications.

As a senior tech engineer, Duqueettes job will include helping the company get to market faster and expand as it grows, he said.

“I’m really excited to be a part of Waterfall.

They have a very deep, strategic vision and it’s really important to me to build on that vision,” he said, adding that he will also work closely with Waterfall’s technology and product teams.

After Waterfall, Duques will move on to join Google Inc. in Silicon Valley.

Duques joined Google in 2003, having previously worked for the internet company at a time when it was growing quickly.

Duquees is the company s VP of product management, which he said will be a key part of growing Waterfall over the next several years.

In recent years, DuQuees has focused his efforts on building out the companys core products and services, DuQuettes said.

For instance, Duqets new company has announced a new cloud-gaming platform that will bring video games to the web.

“We want to be part of the web gaming revolution, and that includes building a gaming platform,” DuQue said.

Other major projects in DuQue’s future include a new mobile app that will let users connect with friends via the web and a new social networking app that DuQue is developing for the Google app store.

DuQue also plans to build a new technology company called Waterfall Solutions that will focus on helping Waterdown grow its business and help it become a “major player” in the water business, Du Que said.

Waterfall is one of the largest cloud-focused video-game streaming companies in the country.

Its streaming services, such as the GooglePlay store, will let viewers stream online games and apps on their smart phones, tablets and computers.

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