What to do if you’re fired from your job for a code review

A software developer’s job includes the development of a product or service that people use, and the review of that product or services is often part of that.

Software developer Clevelander, who works for a major software development company, wrote this blog post to help the general public understand what to do when they’re fired for code review, and what the repercussions are.

It also explains the legal ramifications of this, and how the company could handle it in the future.

The software developer job isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, though.

If you’re terminated for code reviews, your position at Clevelender could be at risk.

A company can fire you if you’ve been responsible for “the performance of software development” or if you were responsible for any “significant or repeated violations of any applicable laws.”

There’s also a “mandatory minimum penalty” if you get caught doing something wrong in the course of your work, and “unreasonably slow” for your job.

The company’s legal opinion also indicates that the termination can be considered unlawful “unless there is a good-faith belief that your conduct was unreasonable in light of the circumstances.”

Clevelinger does note that “in the event of a termination, you will have the right to be compensated in accordance with the applicable law.”

This article is an overview of what you need to know to prepare for termination, as well as some information about what to expect from a termination.

For more information about termination at a software development organization, including the legal advice you should be able to find online, read our article on Termination.

In this blog, Clevelancer explains the process for a software developer who is fired for the review process.

Cleveligator also provides some tips on how to file a claim with a company that fired you, and offers some practical information about your rights under California law.

This post is not legal advice, but it covers the basics of a company’s responsibilities for termination.

Clevelyander suggests that you get a lawyer to provide legal advice if you are terminated for review or code reviews.

The legal advice may also be helpful for people who’ve already filed a claim, as this post describes.

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