Why are you so upset?

How many times has your employer asked you to join a “productivity team”?

This is a question we’ve all been asked at some point in our careers.

If your boss wants you to work on a product that’s just not very useful for them, they can just tell you to go on a “project” instead.

Or they can tell you not to work at all, because it’ll be boring.

Or, they’ll say, it’s not your job.

So you might want to reconsider your position.

Or maybe you don’t need a job.

Or perhaps it’s just a question you’ve been asking yourself for a while now.

This article explains why.


Productivity team: what is it?

Productivity teams are basically the brains of a company.

They’re the people who get to decide what tasks go into making a product work.

They set the project objectives and define the scope for the work.


How do you join a productivity team?

Well, technically you can’t join a company productivity team just yet.

But that’s a topic for another day.

What you do now is: 1.

Choose a project you want to work with.

It should be simple enough that it doesn’t require much planning, and you can get on with it. 2, Find a team.

A company productivity group is a group of people that share common goals and responsibilities, and who have shared interests.

3, Make the project happen.

If you work on an interesting project, say a product you’re passionate about, then you might join a group that works on the product together.

If, however, you’re working on a relatively small project, like a blog or a book, then there might be an extra team member for you to talk to about that project, or to help with the project.

If this is the case, find a group, and set aside time to work together.

4, Join the group.

It’s up to you how long you stay on the project, and how long it takes you to finish it.

In some cases, this can be a big part of the reason you’ve never worked on a project before.

If a group does decide to work in a more regular way, then they might decide to split the work into smaller chunks, or you might work with your team to work more independently on a particular task.


Keep going.

As you work, you’ll often meet other people from the group, or have the opportunity to help each other on the tasks that are on the group’s to-do list.

If the task is very challenging, or if you’re just having a hard time finding someone to work alongside you, then it’s likely the group will start to become involved in the work itself.

The project might take up a lot of time, and it might be hard to share in the group as a whole.

Sometimes the group decides to stay together, and that’s great.

If so, you might find it helpful to take the time to talk about your project with them.



Once you’ve completed your project, you can talk to the group to discuss what you’ve learnt, and decide if it’s something you want work on further.

In the case of the product that you’ve worked on, you could try to share some ideas and tips about the product, and help them decide if they’d like to work further on it.

If they decide to stick with it, then your project is done.

If not, then work on something else.


Keep moving.

You’ll often find that if you’ve stuck with your project too long, it might take a while to finish.

If that’s the case for you, you may want to take a break from the project for a couple of weeks, to recharge and to get some fresh ideas.

This might be useful if you need to review a project for potential improvements, or it might help you work through the next steps in your journey.


Meet up again.

If there are people from your group that want to talk more about your work, or are interested in doing more of the work, then meet up to discuss that too.

There’s no point working on your own if you can only chat over coffee or lunch.

So it’s up in the air whether you can keep going, or whether you’ll end up joining a group again.

It all depends on your goals, and what the work is really about.

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